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Product Description

1/ This card is only for ETSY verification, does not support Paypal, Amazon, eBay, and other services

2/ Card is ANONYMOUS which means, it can be used under any name and address.

3/ Don’t try to make a transaction that exceeds the card balance, this also causes the card to be damaged

4/ After successful confirmation, the card balance will be zero.

5/ Each card is only used for one service, using the card for multiple services will cause the card to be destroyed by the automated system

6/ Use the card within 3 days of the card delivery. If you do not use the card for 3 days, the card may be damaged and there is not enough balance to use because of the fee from the issuing bank.

7/ We only sell the card, we are not responsible if the account is locked, when you buy the card you must accept these terms, the spammer will be blocked

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We usually send the card details on your Registered e-Mail within 12 hrs of purchase.

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5.00 out of 5

reviews for ETSY VCC

  1. Katie Duncan

    Will buy again. Recommend 100%

    • admin

      Thank you sir!

  2. Sidney Kell

    Best VCC website. order bulk

  3. Tuhin

    Great VCC for Verification
    Excellent, I would recommend

  4. Jhon D

    Recommend to all. Perfect seller.

  5. Aubrey

    Fast delivery with live chat support.

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